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"I wanted to let you know that I did this trick during the One Hand Pinch this past Saturday, and ended up breaking my PR in training by 10-lbs, lifting 119 and change. I also told one of my adult lifters this morning to shut their eyes, do what you recommended and then he opened them and went from 6 assisted pull-ups to 9, using a black mini band. Dude." - Jedd Johnson, World Record Holder in Two Hands Pinch

"Hey Logan, I've been a regular reader of your emails, articles, etc. and I just want to thank you for the helpful tips and advice. So, I've just downloaded your Weird Mental Track report and tested out the trick on my one-arm pushups. I've gone from about 7 to 17!!! Visualization was something that came quite naturally to me, but this trick took me to a whole new level! Once again thank you for the stuff you are doing and I urge you to keep doing your work helping and motivating others." Cheers, Heechan

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