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How do you get stronger with bodyweight training? It’s all about PROGRESSION!
Sadly, few people really understand progression, especially when it comes to bodyweight training. But that is what this template is for. It distills bodyweight training to a simple progressive format that is plug-and-play for the exercises best suited to your ability.
At just 15 pages it’s a quick read to digest and absorb and start using today!
  • Understand the four broad movement patterns of upper body pushing exercise, upper body pulling exercise, lower body squat exercise and ab exercise and how these work from easy to difficult.
  • ​Why unlimited variations can be a BAD thing…and instead you MUST understand variations for progression’s sake.
  •  How there is no “Magic Set and Rep Scheme”…but there are some rules of thumb worth following. 
  •  When to “Graduate” from an Exercise 
  •  Why just doing one variation is a great way to get stuck at a plateau…and what to do instead. 
  •  How focusing on Strength can give you all the Conditioning you need! 
  •  Lots of Workout Examples to help you ‘grok’ the concepts and start using it today 

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