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Weird Mental Trick
that Increases Strength up to 75% 30 Seconds or Less
  • Visualization 101 - All the Basics for those that "Can't" Visualize
  • How to Use Your Stronger Senses to Enhance Your Imagery
  • Why a World Record Holder RAVED About this Technique
  • How to Hit a PR Today...
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Secrets of the
Oldtime Strongmen
for Strength as a Way of Life
  • "Weakness is a Crime, Don't be a Criminal"
  • How to Access the Superhero Archetype
  • Regaining Your Sense of Adventure through Training
  • Several Methods of Accelerating Your Gains
  • And Much More
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A Little Known Method of Enhancing Recovery, Lowering Stress, Getting Better Sleep and Improving Your Health
  • Decreasing Delayed-Onset Muscle Soreness by Two Thirds
  • How to Resynchronize Cortisol Secretion for Better Sleep
  • Reducing Pain and Inflammation by Quenching Free Radicals
  • How to Gain All these Benefits for Technological Advances to get them more often!
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